Blogging while self-aware

This site is an attempt to clarify -to myself and other unwary netizens- my thinking about how education needs a change to adapt to the current circumstances of life, society, and the evolution of humankind.

Its contents will necessarily reflect my personal thinking, as influenced by zeitgeist, trends, topics-du-jour, and hopefully some reflection on what might transcend immediacy.

No warranty is expressed or implied in regards to the overall quality of said contents. But i try.


Who is Vahid Masrour and who does he think he is?

Just your average world citizen, with a fairly deep experience of South America, with a French background, a psychology degree, and a vast interest on how tech (Information and Communication Technologies) can transform educational practice. This is important to me, as i think that education can give so much more to mankind than it already has.

For the most part, and unless indicated otherwise, by “education” i will mean to say “mass education settings”, such as the schooling systems that most of the world have adopted.

You are welcome to interact with me through comments on the posts, and social networks such as Twitter and Google Plus.

What’s the master plan?

Of course there’s a master plan: providing fodder for -hopefully- meaningful conversations about the changes we need in education systems. When i write it like that, it sounds a little ambitious. I guess i’m around millennials too much.

So here is the initial master plan for my posts:





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